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On this website you will find many of the cartoons and caricatures I have drawn over the years, these include Social, Political, Non-Political, Funny, and lots of amazing Cartoons and Caricatures. Also I have included a whole section about my Comrades in Arms; these are artists from all around the word, where I present a short bio about their life, work, achievements and most importantly their unique and specially selected drawings. I have also included a dedicated section about Veteran Cartoonists, specially selected information and remarkable drawings for each of the Cartoon Masters are presented there. Now we come to my favourite section of the website; the International Cartoons and Caricatures offers you an outstanding chance to view some of the world’s best works, selected with care and rarely found on the World Wide Web, these cartoons and caricatures speak for themselves and offer you a joyful experience in admiring these artworks and masterpieces. Personal Profile, this is my current and updated Resume, my long-life achievements, exhibitions, different social participations and publications are listed here, these are updated frequently, so if you are interested to know a little bit more about what I do, or if you would like to hire me for some of your projects, then visit this section at your discretion. Research, is the section where interesting and hard to find information about the wonderful world of Cartoons and Caricatures can be found, it is a fact that not many documented information about the history and origins of this art can be located and thus I have tried my best to present something many will find useful in intriguing. And finally, Let’s get social, I love communicating with fans and artists from all around the world, you may use the contact section of this website to communicate and interact with me, I will reply to all your questions or comments in the soonest possible time, and one more thing, this site also offers you several interactive tools such as Android Applications and Mobile Functionality, these can be found in the Links section of the website and a bonus you will also find some interesting external links there.