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Khalid Al Hashimi


A cartoonist and architect from Bahrain, currently publishing only on social media.

Khalid Al Hashimi

Born in Bahrain in the Year 1959. In the year 1983 he graduated as Architectural Engineer from Damascus University – Syria, then later received his Master’s Degree from Arizona University U.S.A in the year 1996. He started publishing his caricatures in local Bahraini newspapers since the year 1984 as a hobby, then professionally in Bahraini “Al Ayam” Newspaper since its issuance in the year 1989 – 1994 with his daily cartoons. Later on, he Joined Saudi “Al Watan” Newspaper in October 2000. He also published weekly caricatures in the Bahraini “Sada Al Usbou’” Magazine from September 2000.

He discontinued his publications in newspapers and magazines in the year 2008 where currently he publishes only on his social media channels specially on his Instagram page khalid.alhashimi.cartoon

His political views are biased towards the Left National Movement, and he addressed the subjects of Freedom, Corruption and poverty in his caricatures

Inheriting his artistic skills from his father and encouraged by his bigger brother. He loved drawing since very early age and particularly due to his hindered movement abilities where he replaced childhood play activities with practicing his drawing

Khalid is currently living in Bahrain, he is married and has two daughters


Professional Work

  • Worked professionally for local gulf newspapers and magazines from 1989 – till 2008
  • Head of Architecture Engineering (Housing), Bahrain Ministry of Labour and Housing
  • Assistant General Manager, Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain, Real Estate Development Company in Bahrain
  • Currently Deputy Chief of Planning and Development at Bareeq Al Retaj Real Estate Services W.L.L


  • Best Arabic Journalism Award, Dubai, U.A.E. 2003
  • Bahraini Mumtalakat Holding special appreciation 2017

Exhibitions & Publications


  • “Al-Mujallah” Exhibition for Caricatures, Bahrain – 1990
  • “Solidarity with Palestine Uprising”, Syria – 1990
  • “The Third World Exhibition”, Egypt – 1990
  • Skeyes Centre for Media and Cultural Freedom (Online Forum) 2009
  • First Environmental Caricature Exhibition sponsored by Al Manama Municipality – 2014


Books & Publications

  • Humours between the Lines, “Al Muzzah Fe Hudood Al Mutaah” – 1992
  • Memory of the Heart, “Thakirat Al Qalb” – 2001
  • Participated in Who protects the land of childhood, “Man Yahmi Ard Al Tufoola” – 2000 (Dedicated to Palestine Uprising”
  • Designed a Calendar for “Arab Financial Services Company” – 1997
  • Designed a Postcard to U.N Secretary General titled “Palestinian Child Rights” – 2000
  • Designed a Postcard titled “Freedom for the World” issued by the National Democratic work association – 2003
  • Designed a book cover for the righter Hasan Mudn, “The novelty that has its back to the wall” – “Hadatha Dahruha Ila Al Jidar” – 2021

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