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Naji Al Ali


Naji Salim Hussain al-Ali was a Palestinian cartoonist, noted for the political criticism of the Arab regimes and Israel in his works.

Naji Al Ali

Born in “Al Shajarah Village”, North Al Jaleel, Palestine 1936
Took a refuge along with his family in Lebanon and settled in “Ein Al Hilwa” camp near Saida 1948
Joined the technical department in one of the technical institutes and graduated in 1953
Joined the Lebanese Academy of Arts, but has not completed his study due to Police prosecution in 1960
He was acquainted with the left wing writer and journalist “Gassan Kanafani”, where Kanafani introduced him and published his first works in “Äl Hurriya – Liberty” Magazine in the year 1961
Left to Lebanon to Kuwait to work as an art director and cartoonist in Kuwaiti “Al Taleea Magazine” 1963, then in “Al Hurriya” Magazine 1963, Kuwaiti “Al Siyasah” 1969, “Al Safeer” Lebanese Newspaper 1974, Kuwaiti “Al Qabas” 1983, Jordanian “Sawt Al Shaab” 1983, and “Alqabas Al Dawliyah” London in 1985

Created his iconic child/witness on events character “Handala” in the year 1969

Contributed to the establishment of “Arab Caricature Union” and held the position of the Secretary General 1979


  • First Prize in “Arab Caricatures” First Exhibition, 1979
  • First Prize in “Arab Caricatures” Second Exhibition, 1980
  • After his death “The International Newspapers Publishers” honors the artist and grants him “Golden Liberty Pen” award in 1988
  • Chosen by the “Asahi” Japanese Newspaper to be one of world’s 10 most famous cartoonists

Exhibitions & Publications


Participated in joint Arabic Caricature Exhibitions in Beirut, Damascus and Cairo
Held his first personal exhibition in Kuwait 1985, afterward conducted numerous exhibitions in various Arabic countries


“Naji Al Ali – Caricatures”, Al Safeer Books, 1976
“Caricature”, Arabic Information Center, 1983
“Caricature”, 1985

After his death, several of his albums were published

“Naji Al Ali in Cairo!”, Dar Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi o Sharqiyat, 1993 (Prepared by the Artist “MuhiAlDeen Al Labad”
“Naji Al Ali – the gift that didn’t reach yet”, Amman – Jordan 1997
“Naji Al Ali (1985-1987)”, Damascus – Syria 2008
“A Child in Palestine”, 2009

Additional Information

His Death

He was assassinated by anonymous shooters while traveling to work in “Alqabas Al Dawliyah” in the United Kingdom capital London on Wednesday 22/07/1987, and was rushed to a local hospital where he remained till he passed away on Saturday 29/08/1987

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