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Arístides Esteban Hernández Guerrero (ARES.)


Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero is a cartoonist , illustrator and painter , known as Ares

Arístides Esteban Hernández Guerrero (ARES.)

Born in Havana – Cuba on September 2, 1963. He graduated as a doctor of medicine (1987) and psychiatrist (1993). Self-taught caricaturist, illustrator and painter.
He published his first caricature in 1984, in Opina magazine. From that date his works have appeared in the main Cuban publications and numerous publications around the world.
Ares works in Havana as an independent creator, has had numerous personal exhibitions and has won more than one hundred and fifty international awards. He has published more than twenty books and illustrated another hundred. He has collaborated with television and animated films.
In 1994, he was nominated by the Witty World Magazine, USA, to be included in the list of the best cartoonists of the world. He was also nominated by Cuba to the Quevedos Iberoamercan Cartoon Award, and was included in the Memory Project Book, as one of the most relevant visual artists of Cuba in the 20th century.

In 2002, He was awarded the National Culture Medal, by the Cuban Culture Minister.


His works have been published around the world, and he has won more than one hundred awards, out of which, sixty-two are international.

International Awards (selection)

  • UYACC Anti-coronavirus Grand Prize (China) 2020
  • First Prize Ranan Lurie United Nations Award, (USA) 2015
  • Grand Prize, World Press Cartoon (Portugal) 2012
  • Grand Prize, Kosovo Biennale (Kosovo) 2009
  • First Prize Ethiopia cartoons (Ethiopia) 2009
  • First Prize Black cat cartoon contest (Azerbaijan) 2008
  • Grand Prize World Caricature Exhibition Valle de Aburra (Colombia 2007)
  • First Prize Bienale Internazionale Eurohumor (Italy 2004)
  • Six-time winner of the Award for the set of works at the National Humour Show and winner of the Juan Gualberto Gómez Graphic Journalism Award, Cuba
  • Grand Prize, Tehran Biennale (Iran)
  • First Prize, Editorial Cartoon Competition (Canada)
  • Grand Prize The peace messenger, Antiwar Saloon Kragujevac (Serbia)
  • First Prize for painting, XV Salon of Mercosur Diógenes Taborda (Argentina)
  • First Prize, Eurohumor (Italy) 1998
  • Eduardo Abela Grand Prize, San Antonio de los Baños Biennial (Cuba, 1997, 2001, 2005)
  • Excellence Award, Yomiuri Shimbum Contest (Japan) 1993
  • First Prize, Gabrovo Biennale (Bulgaria) 1995
  • First Prize, Piauí Humour Hall (Brazil) 1992
  • Audience Award, Trento (Italy 1991)

Exhibitions & Publications

Exhibitions (selection)

  • The Ties that Bind, Exhibit of cartoons and silkscreen posters at Galleria Cubana, United States 2017
  • Ares, here and now, René Valdés gallery, Caguayo Foundation, Santiago de Cuba 2020
  • Cartoon from Cuba exhibit, Egypt 2019
  • Majestuosa Habana. Expo colectiva “Majestuosa Habana”, Hotel Packard 2019
  • Knock on wood, Villa Manuela gallery, Havana, Cuba 2019
  • Jury exhibit, International Pernambuco Saloon, Brazil 2018
  • 9550 KM, Journalist House, Moscow 2018
  • Close-ups, close-ups, Havana Biennial, Fortaleza del Morro, Cuba.
  • ARES, European Cartoon Centre, Belgium.
  • In process, Fucina des Artistas, Havana, Cuba.
  • Intracorpora, Villa Manuela Gallery, Havana, Cuba.2018
  • Je Suis Charlie. Solo exhibition of Ares graphic humour. Victor Hugo House, Habana vieja Cuba 2018
  • Stealing base, The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, New York, USA.
  • Shouts on the wall (Milestones of the Cuban poster from 1959 to 2012), National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.
  • The Other Horizon, Havana Biennial, Fortaleza La Cabaña, Cuba.
  • ARES dessinateur cubain, La mer a boire, Paris, France.
  • Humour pelos Ares, Nucleus of Culture UNIVATES, Lajeado RS, Brazil.
  • ARES, Museum of Mayan Culture, Chetumal, Mexico.
  • Humours of this world. Visual Arts Development Centre, Havana, Cuba.
  • Arístides Hernández, Ares, Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Fine Arts, Ankara, Turkey.
  • The Unknown Face of Cuban Art, Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, Great Britain.


Books (selection)

  • The World after the Coronavirus (Spain-Cuba) 2020
  • Knock on wood (Cuba) 2018 | Tocar madera
  • Ares, 100 award-winning cartoons (Greece) | Ares, 100 awarded cartoons
  • Ares, award-winning drawings (Cuba) | Ares, dibujos premiados
  • Ares, consented stroke (Cuba) | Ares, Trazo consentido
  • Contemporary Cuban cartoon I, II, III (Cuba) 2009 | Caricatura cubana contemporánea I, II, III
  • History of graphic humour in Cuba (Spain) | Historia del humor gráfico en Cuba
  • Eyes of the South (Cuba) | Ojos de Sur
  • Homo sapiens (Cuba) | Homo sapiens
  • Go South (Cuba) | Ande el Sur
  • The North, the South and Globalization (Italy) | El Norte, el Sur y la Globalización
  • Alcohol, myth and reality (Cuba) | Alcohol, mito y realidad
  • My psychologist is me (Cuba) | Mi psicólogo soy yo
  • Hooz (Iran) | Hooz
  • Psychotherapy, a helping relationship (Guatemala) | Psicoterapia, una relación de ayuda
  • Humour hair Ares (Brazil) | Humor pelo Ares
  • People of Meio-Tom (Brazil) | Gente de Meio-Tom
  • Cuba with Humour (Brazil) | Cuba com Humor
  • Enter through the Ring (Cuba) | Entrar por el Aro

Additional Information

He has taught numerous courses and conducted many conferences on graphic humor in Cuba, Iran, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Venezuela and Spain and has been the organizer of several international cartoon events in Cuba and abroad. He has worked as an international jury in humor salons on multiple occasions in various places such as Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, Iran and Turkey

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