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Bahgat Osman


One of the most prominent Egyptian and Arab cartoonist & caricature artists of all time

Bahgat Osman

Born: June 6th 1931
Date of death: June 3rd, 2001
Place of Birth: Cairo, Boulak District
Last place of residence: 12 Dr. Mohamed Khairy Street – Manial – Al-Rawda – Cairo
His children: “Hisham” an artist, and “Walid” manager of a Sharm El-Sheikh hotel
His wife: the artist Badr Hamada

The cartoonist, Bahgat Othman, is one of the prodigious Arab artists who topped the list of cartoonists since the time of Sarukhan, Muhammad Abdel Moneim Rakha, Ahmed Toghan, Bahgory, Salah Jahin and others who have built the art of caricature in the Arab world on their shoulders. An artist who lived the caricature rituals with great childhood passion and joy. He carried his exhibition in his shoulder bag whenever he travelled anywhere in the world.


Local and International Awards

  • He received a number of awards, the most important of which is the first caricature award at the International Caricature and Animation Festival in Algeria in 1987.
  • The award for the best illustrator of children’s books “Suzan Mubarak Award for the year 2001”
  • Excellence Award “Suzan Mubarak Award for the year 2002”
  • The last work done by Bahgat was the participation in the jury of the Arab Press Award April 30, 2001 in Dubai

Exhibitions & Publications

Local Group Exhibitions

  • A joint exhibition at the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Yemen in 2001 exhibiting his works and those of his late wife, the artist Badr Hamada.
  • Group exhibition (Rose El-Youssef, 90 years of creativity) at the Arts Palace.
  • The largest caricature exhibition in Egypt 78 artists of the pioneer generation till now 2019 Zamalek – Egypt
  • Bhajiju & Partners Exhibition 2021 Zamalek – Egypt

International Group Exhibitions/External Exhibitions

  • Exhibition in Al-Balqa Gallery of Art, Kingdom of Jordan 12/5/1996

Publications and Works

  • Bahgat Chicken
  • Adam and Eve
  • The linguistic complex Harun al-Rashid
  • Need to talk
  • Dictatorship for beginners
  • Smiling is forbidden 1986
  • Government, people, etc. 1987
  • Bhagatos Chief of Great Bhagatiya 1989
  • Friendship Without Borders (his biography) 1991
  • Comrades in Arms 1995
  • We have the Right 1996
  • Once Upon a Time 1999
  • Very crazy laughs 2000
  • I was a donkey 2000
  • Diwan Bhagigu – Works by Bahgat Osman (1931 – 2001)
  • The Status of Women in the Sultanate of Oman 2001 – UNICEF Report
  • Little Dreams

In addition to caricatures, Bahgat has contributed to drawing many children’s magazines and books, one of his most famous contributions is drawing the Children’s Charter for UNICEF.

Additional Information

Bahgat was suffering from diabetes and health problems in the last years of his life, as he underwent several surgeries that greatly affected his psychological condition, especially after the death of his wife, the puppet designer, artist Badr. In the end, Bahjat died after a three-month battle with cancer
Bahgat was devoted to his work until his last days when his eyesight greatly weakened, but that did not prevent him from continuing to paint until his last breath.

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