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Mohieddin Al Labbad


An Egyptian Story Writer for Children, Painter, Cartoonist, and Caricature Artist.

Mohieddin Al Labbad

  • Date of birth: March 25, 1940 in Al-Maghrablin neighborhood, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Egypt
  • Date of death: 4 September 2010 and burial in Cairo, Egypt
  • His children: Mustafa and the artist Ahmed


An Egyptian painter and visual artist born on March 25, 1940, an Egyptian painter and visual artist specializing in graphics, published the first caricature page of Tahrir magazine in 1956. He studied oil painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo from 1957 to 1962, and after graduating he worked as a cartoonist in the Egyptian and Arab press, and before and during his studies he worked as a painter for the children’s magazine “Sinbad” in the years 1960-1962, and as a painter and author of children’s books at Dar al-Ma’arif, and published his first children’s books “The Queen of the Islands” in 1961, and in 1961 he worked as a cartoonist in the magazines “Rose Al-Yousef” and “Good Morning”. He has also worked throughout his life as a painter and designer of newspapers, magazines, books and cultural publications for young and old people in Egypt, Arab countries and Europe, as well as one of the most prominent book cover designers in the Arab world and Al-Labbad is famous for designing book covers in which he relied on the use of artistic elements of Arab folklore.


Stages of his Working life

  • Co-founder and managing editor of the children’s magazine “Karwan”. Tahrir Press and Publishing House, Cairo 1963-1964
  • Technical Supervisor and Editorial Director of Samir Magazine, Dar Al Hilal, Cairo, 1968
  • Co-founder and artistic director of Dar al-Fata al-Arabi, the first house specialized in children’s books, Beirut in 1974
  • He founded the Arab Experimental Workshop for Children’s Books and the Arab Graphic Centre in 1976.
  • Technical Director and General Supervisor of the project of issuing the model experimental issue of the magazine Children from 4 to 7 years old “Yassin and Yasmine”, National Center for Children’s Culture, Cairo 1983
  • Basic Project Designer and Director of Introductory Issue No. “Zero” of “The Little Arab” Magazine, Ministry of Information, Kuwait 1985
  • Technical Supervisor of the Children’s Publications Project on the Department of Culture, Palestine Liberation Organization, Tunis, 1989
  • Founder, editor and artistic director of the magazine “W”, which specializes in following up the publications of children’s books in Arab countries and the rest of the world
  • He founded the Arab Graphic Centre in Cairo and worked as a graphic designer and artistic director
  • Founder of the School of Visual Pleasure in directing newspapers and books.
  • He worked for Le Monde Diplomatic, Arabic Edition in Paris (a monthly magazine for the defence of peoples’ issues).
  • Project designer (book in a newspaper in 2007) and has been supervising its publication for four years.


In 1972, he travelled on a course to the “democratic” East Germany prepared to graduate journalistic leaders, worked in Germany for a satirical cartoon magazine called “Owl Mirror” – then spent a period in Czechoslovakia from which he benefited technically, and his most important trip to France where he discovered another world, where he discovered the impact of the 1968 youth revolution through caricature magazines

He has published a number of books in Egypt and other Arab countries, which have won a number of local, Arab and international awards, some of which he has published in translation in several foreign languages, and he has also presented a series of books that he authored and designed for the category of girls and boys «Teenagers over the age of eleven». He has also participated as a jury member in a number of local and international competitions.


  • Bratislava International Biennale of Honour for Children’s Books, 1975
  • Most Beautiful Arabic Book Award, Arab Book Fair, Beirut, 1975
  • Most Beautiful Arabic Book Award, Arab Book Fair, Beirut, 1979
  • Silver Medal of the Leipzig International Book Fair for Book Direction 1985
  • Golden Apple Award of the Bratislava International Biennale for Children’s Book Drawings, 1989
  • Most Beautiful Book Direction Award, Cairo International Book Fair 1993
  • Most Beautiful Arabic Book Award, Arab Book Fair, Beirut, 1993
  • Prize of the Foundation for Children and Youth, France 1993
  • Frankfurt International Fair and UNESCO Prize for the 10 Most Beautiful Books in the World 1994
  • Most Beautiful Arabic Cover Award, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 1994
  • Octogon Prize, International Centre for the Study of a DAP for Childhood, Paris, 1994
  • Most Beautiful Arabic Book Award, Arab Book Fair, Beirut, 1994
  • Honoured at the exhibition (Hassad 2010 Caricature) in Sakia Abdel Moneim El Sawy January 2011
  • The straw newspaper gown, a design that won the Gold Award for the design of newspaper appendices. It is a design of a page from a travel supplement in the American newspaper “The Washington Post” and the subject of the appendix was about Egypt, in which the felt used a painted view of the palm of Egypt, so that its trunks are the vertical dividers between the columns of the page

Exhibitions & Publications


  • Special exhibition of his various works entitled “Mohieddine Labbad Bookmaker”, International Salon of Children’s and Young People’s Books, Paris, 2001
  • Exhibition entitled (100 Years Caricature) at Ramtan Cultural Center – Taha Hussein Museum January 2011
  • General Exhibition of Fine Arts Session (36) June 2014
  • Cairocomex, Cairo 2015
  • Exhibition “Comics .. Professor Zaghloul Printed Pages and Original Drawings” by Mohieddin Al-Labbad which was held at the American University 2018



Children’s books written or drawn by him

  • Queen of the Islands 1961
  • Laughing Mouse 1962
  • Donkey Adviser 1962
  • First Lesson 1963
  • Sad teapot 1963
  • Dancing Shoes 1964
  • Willow Tree 1964
  • The Whistle of the Enchanted 1970
  • The elephant finds work 1974
  • Cats! 1976
  • Tales of Aesop 1976
  • Dictionary of Superstitious Beings – in partnership with Shawki Abdel Hakim 1980
  • Beautiful Feathers / The Story of Ayoub Mansour, Felt Drawings 1982
  • Arabic Letters 1985
  • French Letters 1985
  • English Letters 1985
  • Issues 1985
  • Colors 1985
  • Phalangeism Palestine 1985
  • The painter’s 1988 booklet (the first edition of Dar al-Fata al-Arabi, and now published in successive editions Dar al-Shorouk, a book that won the Golden Apple Award at the Bratislava Biennale in 1989, and the French “Octogon” Prize in 1994, and from which editions were issued in French, German and Dutch, are some visual memories from the painter’s childhood to adults, and some of his discoveries when he grew up and became a professional painter and bookmaker, returning to the youngsters)
  • Shakmon: Form and Content in Children’s Picture Books, 1990
  • First Lesson 1990
  • Reviews! 1991
  • 30 questions! 1991
  • Mom’s Clothes 1991
  • A Language Without Words 1994
  • T-shirt 1994


Books written and directed by non-children

  • Book honoring the artist “Hussein Picard” 1983
  • Look, a series of 4 parts. The first part was released on 1987, the second part 1991, the third part 2003 and the fourth part 2005 (then the four albums were printed grouped into one book and published by the Egyptian General Book Organization)
  • Hassan Fouad River of Art and Life 1986
  • Rapid Ignition (about the late cartoonist Nabil Al-Salami) 1989
  • The Tale of the Book: From Papyrus Roll to Laser Disc 1998
  • Notes – 2005
  • A Language Without Words 2009
  • Calligraphers’ Stories 2014
  • Book 100 – Drawing and more – Arab Future House – includes a selection of drawings published mostly in the Arabic edition of (Le Monde Diplomati) A mature, expressive and simple political vision for all our Arab and global issues

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