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Hassan Hakim

Sudan - Egypt

A Sudanese caricature artist who lived in Egypt. He participated in several local and international exhibitions.

Hassan Hakim

The artist, Hakim is of Sudanese origin, was born in the village of Sheba in northern Sudan, then was raised in Egypt and grew up in different areas between the small city of Anshas and the city of Cairo.


  • Date of Birth: 26/06/1929
  • Date of death: 7/11/1998
  • On March 15, 1956, he married his wife, Zainab Al-Kurdi
  • He has three daughters: Mona (she died young), Yasmine and Rabab



  • BA, College of Fine Arts, Sudan, 1958



  • Drawing in Dar Al-Hilal magazines: Al-Musawwar, Al-Mondayn, Al-Dunya, Eve, Al-Kawakib, Mickey and Samir.
  • Worked as a political cartoonist for Al-Gomhouria newspaper 1952
  • He worked as a political cartoonist for Al-Massa newspaper 1956
  • Participated in an Egyptian cinematic work “Titi and Rashwan” with the artists Mustafa Hussein and Abdel Halim Al-Borgini. This work deals with the art of cartoons in Egyptian cinema. It was produced by the Cinema Foundation under the supervision of the late film director Ahmed Badr Khan in 1957.
  • Selected to work for German television in 1960.
  • One of the founders of Karawan magazine, a children’s magazine, which was published weekly by Dar Al-Tahrir for printing and publishing in January 1964, headed by Numan Ashour, editor-in-chief, Mustafa Ramzy, with the logo of Girls and Boys magazine. He was among its main painters with Hakim Al-Labbad, Nabil Taj, Wahba Enayat, Magdy Najib, Bahgat and Mustafa Ramzy.
  • He was chosen in 1966 as a technical advisor in the State of Kuwait and worked as a director and painter in Al-Arabi magazine 1964 and lived there for 28 years. He also worked as a press painter in Al-Musawwar, Al-Kawakib, Eve, Samir, Karawan, Kuwait Magazine, Al-Araby Al-Saghir Magazine.
  • Worked as a painter and technical advisor for Caricature Magazine – Egypt 1991.



  • He won the Mustafa Amin Award for Best Cartoonist 1992

Exhibitions & Publications

Private Exhibitions

  • Exhibition at Ghadeer Gallery in Kuwait – 1988


Local Group Exhibitions

  • Participated in the exhibition of Egyptian caricature artists held in the Arts Complex in Zamalek 1997.
  • Exhibition of Press Illustrations, the first session, at the Arts Palace, March 2004.
  • Festival of Fine Creations directed to the child at the Arts Palace, January 2006.
  • Exhibition entitled (100 Years of Caricature) at Ramatan Cultural Centre – Taha Hussein Museum, January 2011.
  • Exhibition (They Are Laughing), which is organized by the Egyptian Caricature Association in cooperation with the Housing and Development Bank, May 2012.
  • Exhibition (The Companions) at Picasso Hall in Zamalek, April 2017


International Group Exhibitions/External Exhibitions

  • Montreal Fair, Canada.
  • Exhibition of the Kuwaiti Fine Arts Society.
  • Al-Bib’ exhibition of book illustrations, Yugoslavia.
  • Political Caricature Exhibition (East Germany).
  • Exhibition ‘War Against War’, Bulgaria.



  • Caricature Hakim


Additional Information

Hakim commented on his drawings – without comment – saying: “It does not matter that you understand what I am drawing, even if people may understand it for a number of times. The painter dies, but what leaves him remains effective for a long time. The truth is the story of not commenting on my drawings. I learned from the peasants in the days of the monarchy. I used to see them saying their opinion on the king is without words and without sound only by movement and movement of the lips, yet I touched with my hand the extreme eloquence of their opinion.”

Hasan Hakim published in a comics magazine (a novel) a series, entitled “Nafisa and Morsi”, which he presented in a series of cartoons as a diary of the daily life conditions for them, as he reached the height of irony and the human spirit. As for Nafisa, she still dreams of returning to the past and reclaiming her life with it again

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