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Abdelrahem Yaser


Abdelrahem Yaser is an Iraqi painter, specializing in children’s drawings and caricatures

Abdelrahem Yaser

Abdul Rahim Yasser is an Iraqi painter and artist, specializing in the art of children’s drawings and caricature. He was born in Qadisiyah, Iraq in 1951, and obtained a diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts – Baghdad in 1975, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad – Painting branch in 1980.

Abdul Rahim Yasser established his illustrative experience since the sixties of the last century and contributed to the establishment of the first grouping of Iraqi cartoonists in 1976.

He practiced drawing in publications since 1970 and worked as a children’s painter in (Majallati) and (Al-Mizmar) magazines in 1971. He worked as a painter in the Public Corporation for Radio and Television – Department of Children’s Programs 1980-1990. He participated in children’s drawings, cartoons and journalistic graphics for a number of publications inside and outside Iraq. Among them are the two magazines (Al-Mutajira) and (Alf Baa), and two newspapers (Al-Jumhuriya) and (Al-Nahda) in Iraq, Dar Al-Adab in Lebanon, Dar Al-Manhal in Jordan, and Al-Moharer newspaper in France. He also painted many books directed to children locally and internationally


His Work

  • Painter for children in (Majallati) and (Al-Mizmar) magazines 1971
  • Painter at the Public Corporation for Radio and Television – Children’s Programs Department, Iraq 1980-1990
  • Children’s Culture House, Iraq and retired from it at the age of 63 in 2014



He received many local and international awards, the most important of which are:

  • The Appreciation Award in the Palestine International Festival for writing and drawing the cartoon movie (The Tree) in partnership with the artist Raed Al-Rawi – Baghdad 1979
  • First prize shared equally in the Third World Cartoons Exhibition for Arab and African Painters – Cairo 1990.
  • Shield of the Union and the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, the General Union of Writers and Writers in Iraq, 2014
  • Shield of the General Secretariat, Iraqi Prime Minister Office, 2022

Exhibitions & Publications


  • The first exhibition of cartoonists in Iraq – Baghdad, 1974
  • Participated in the Belgium Cartoon Exhibition 1977
  • Participated in the exhibition of Arab children’s book illustrators in Bologna – Italy, 1981
  • Participated in the Yumiri-Japan Exhibition, 1986
  • Participated in the Caricature Committee Exhibition in Cairo, 1987
  • Participated in the Cuban International Exhibition of Caricatures, 1987
  • Participated in the exhibition of Arab cartoonists held by the Arab World Institute in Paris, 1988
  • Participated in the International Cartoonist Exhibition of Turkey, 1988
  • Participated in the Arab Satirical Painting Festival – Kufa Gallery – London, 1989
  • Participated in the Third World Cartoons Exhibition for Arab and African Painters – Cairo. 1990
  • The Iraqi and Arab Caricature Festival, The Hague, Netherlands, 2005
  • The Venice International Biennale in its 55th session held in Florence, Italy 2013
  • Welcome to Iraq, South London Gallery, UK, 2014
  • Fine exhibition entitled “Miniatures from Iraq”, Beirut, Lebanon, 2015
  • Freedom Lines: Contemporary Arabic Comics, Czech Republic, 2016
  • Advanced lessons for novice cartoonists, Czech Republic, 2016
  • Exhibition of the School of Caricature in Sfax, Tunisia, 2018



  • He wrote and drew a cartoon movie (The Tree) in partnership with Raed Al-Rawi 1979

Additional Information


  • Member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate.
  • Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate.
  • Member of the Iraqi Children’s Culture Association.
  • Member of the General Union of Arab Journalists.
  • Member of the National Committee for Fine Arts.

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